Prayer Boxes









TEN PRAYER BOXES circulate among our court members in need of our prayers.

1 Terri Dynek – For answers from tests of her heart. Relief from pain.

2 Irene Schlautman – Recover from surgery, broken hip and wrist, and pelvis in a second fall and stable pacemaker.

3. Shar Pekny’s Mom is on hospice, currently at home with Shar. (12-20-19)

4  Yvonne Hanneman – Recovering at home from hospital stays. Fluid on her heart.

5. Mary Roush – Total recovery from broken Femur and ability to endure the pain of neuropathy in her hands

6. Jo Meade – Relief from pain of spinal stenosis and neuropathy in her hands

7. Carol Andress – Recovering from Hip replacement surgery.

8Available Prayer Box

9. Available Prayer Box

10Available Prayer Box

(Contact Carol at 402-350-3834 to request prayers)



More things are brought through prayer than this world dreams of.

Prayer inside box: When your worries consume you, and life’s hard to bear, Let go and let GOD bring you comfort in prayer.  This box is your solace, for in GOD you confide. Write you PRAYERS on paper and put them inside.