Prayer Boxes



*** Treasurer Felicia Davidson is suffering with COVID-19. Please pray for her. Her son, grandson and daughter also have the virus.

*** Pray for the soul of Member Shirley Thomsen (10-11-20) RIP



TEN PRAYER BOXES circulate among our court members in need of our prayers.

1 Terri Dynek – District DeputyTerri asks for prayer for her personal intention.

2 Irene Schlautman – Recover from injuries and surgery, and a stable pacemaker.

3. Rita Hughes – Doing well after successful physical therapy following knee surgery.

4. Yvonne Hanneman – Remaining at home with family care and fluid on her heart.

5. Mary Roush – Ability to endure the pain of neuropathy in her hands

6. Jo Meade – Relief from pain of spinal stenosis and neuropathy in her hands

7. Brenda Dresen – Back and neck pain, coming surgery this year.

8. Available Box – Julie Marlow – Julie and her husband Troy are enduring COVID-19 symptoms of fever, chest pain, sore throat and loss of smell. Troy has pneumonia, but is home from an overnight hospital visit. (9-21-20)

9. Available Box – Amelia Mendoza-Andersen – Her father, Leo Mendoza suffered a stroke and is hospitalized.

10. Available Box – Layna Beer – Recovering from surgery on Aug 27 and an infection that followed. (10-12-20)

11. Please pray for Past Regent and Recording Secretary Angie Shea – Upcoming eye surgery, DCR procedure which unblocks her tear duct and allows for drainage. Surgery is at Methodist Hospital, coming up on October 20, 2020. She has never been under anesthesia before.

Please continue in prayer for NORA JANE, premature granddaughter of Monica Sciortino, born May 9, 2020 at 1.5 lbs. Now is over 8 lbs, two eye surgeries and GI issues being dealt with. Possible another laser eye surgery. (9-11-20)



More things are brought through prayer than this world dreams of.

Prayer inside box: When your worries consume you, and life’s hard to bear, Let go and let GOD bring you comfort in prayer.  This box is your solace, for in GOD you confide. Write you PRAYERS on paper and put them inside.